Monday, September 13, 2010

The Festival of Your Life

This yearning has dissolved into trust
This fear has faded into dust
From the first step taken in fear
To the final confident step
You have been there
Showing me the way
There is no love in fear
No need to be right
Nothing to chase
There is only love
And your choice to express it
Or let it wither and die
Forget what you have been told
Embrace what you really know
That you are a seed ripe with potential
Plant yourself in the faith or your expression
Cast out into the unknown sea
Forge on one more day without needing to know
How it ends
Because the only true ending is the one that never begins
Otherwise, all of life
Is one giant leap of faith into the arms of Love
You were born to express your gifts
Do not wait a moment longer
Because the next moment may be too late
Live unafraid of death
And your fear will die
And all that will be left
Is the festival of your life

Copyright 2010 Mastin Kipp, All Rights Reserved.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Show Up & Let Go

I do not know if we will meet again
But what I do know
Is that I trust in Love's timing
I've learned not to chase you
But to chase myself
The yearning I had to be with you
Was truly yearning to be with my authentic self
And in finding myself
I now know all I have to do is show up and let go
Show up for my own Heart and let in everything that matches
It's vibration
And let go of everything else
There is no use trying to hold onto a poison
Because I'm afraid of going thirsty
I've had one too many sips of that drink labeled "I'm not enough"
I'd rather go thirsty in the desert because my Heart has asked me to
Than deny it's request one more time
But what I've found is that once I let go of the poisonous drink
Of low self worth and listened to my Heart
I did not go thirsty
Not because I found another poison to drink
No, but because following my Heart
Was all I need to quench my thirst

Copyright 2010 Mastin Kipp

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If you have haters in your life - read this!

Instead of going outward - seek instead your own love, approval and praise. Cultivate a strong sense of knowing that you are exactly where you should be. Do not let the harsh or negative words of others stray you from your path.

Surround yourself with other visionaries, allies and friends who support your Highest Potential.

To doubt your Calling, to turn away from what you truly Love is to go against the Will of the Uni-verse and will only bring suffering and resentment.

Go with the flow of what you Love and let that stream carry you to new and distant waters only reached through Patience, Trust and the surrender of Fear.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love will do the rest

Beginnings are never easy
So much is still unknown
So many desires seeking fulfillment
Collide with the patient trust that
Everything is as it should be
Love does not rush
No masterpiece ever does
You do not plant the seed of a rose in the morning
And ask it to blossom by the afternoon
Lust is the first one in
And the first one out
But love…
Love is cool, calm and collected
It plays tricks on you to keep you honest
Love is a patient comedian
Who helps you to get over the fearful ego
So you have the fearlessness to BE with yourself and another
I do not ask for easy beginnings
Because I know that the One meant for me will stick
With no effort on my behalf
There is no striving for love
There is no convincing love to stay
There is just you
Your fearlessness
And trust
Love will do the rest

Copyright 2010 Mastin Kipp

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What true love is!

Once you find the love within yourself, share it with the whole world. The more of your self-love that you share the more you'll receive.

Eventually someone will come along & love you just as much as you love yourself. If you feel the same way - that's true love!



Monday, April 26, 2010

Anything is possible

To bring your Life into Harmony take risks by facing your fears and you will increase your self-worth.

Anything is possible, other people's success can be seen every day. Today is a great day to know this same success is possible for you, but it's required that you get up and get out there. Tip toe if you have to, but get out there!

Friday, April 23, 2010

If you seek my Light...

If you seek My light
At first sight I may blind you
If you stand in My light
It will cast a dark shadow
And there all your fears
And insecurities will hide
For they love the darkness
Eventually, after enough seeking
You will see, it is not really My light
That you seek
But your own
And this Light has another name
And when you begin to shine
That is when your shadow will disappear
But your fears will try to keep your Light dim
Don't let them
Shine, shine, shine
Shine on in the face of your fear
And soon enough
What once kept you afraid
Will disappear, and all that's left will be
Our Light

Copyright 2010 Mastin Kipp