Friday, November 7, 2008

Remember, remember the Fourth of November

Remember, remember the Fourth of November
Hope, change and the power of Thought
We see no reason why Hope, Change and Believin’
Should ever be forgot…



Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Daily Love : November 5th, 2008 - YES WE DID!

Please forgive me; I really try to stay out of politics and keep The Daily Love as unified as possible. But I am so moved by what has happened last night that I would be betraying my very soul if I did not write the following letter and share it with you. We have witnessed history on an epic scale that will change the world as we know it. This is an incredible moment to be alive. When I was at Obama HQ at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Beverly Hills last night I witnessed so many people, perfect strangers, come together, take action and unite for something I thought everyone had forgotten about. For the first time in my life, I didn't feel so alone. Standing in this crowd, for the first time I felt truly proud to be an American. I knew I'd wake up the next day to a world full of new possibilities and that what was once only a distant dream is now a concrete reality. I've been so moved by the energy of the results of this election that I cannot silence my enthusiasm.

Yes We Did!

Today is an amazing day in history and a great day in America. It's not about Republican or Democrat; this is about a psychic shift that has happened in our country. This is not about race or creed; it's about the fundamental choice - of choosing Hope over Fear. We have witnessed a historic event, something we will be talking about for the rest of our days, and when we speak to our children and grandchildren, we can tell them, "We were there..."

We were there the day we proved that the American dream is alive and well. We were there when we stood up to the status quo and took back our country from those who promote the division of "us" and "them" and ran on a platform of fear and empty promises. We were there when the first African American was elected President of the United States of America. We were there when the phrase "Yes we can" transformed into "Yes we did".

This election is a macro example of what has been happening on a micro level in each of our lives for a long time now. We made this happen. What happened last night represents a fundamental psychic shift in America that will have a massive effect in all aspects of our experience. Things that were before impossible are now possible. Tremendous change is coming. We want to feel good, we want to believe that the good guys do win, we want to come together as one people celebrating all of our diversity, we want to believe that anything that we set our minds to is possible and that we as a people do have the power to change our life by conscious choice and action.

That's what it's about, action. To create change, we must take action. Are there things in your life that you are fed up with, things you wish you could change but think you can't? Yes you can! Stand up, ride this wave of energy and make the impossible possible in your life. Take steps with hope in your heart, faith in your mind and love in your soul. Intention + action = results.

Anything is possible. Once you believe it, then you will see it. The time is now. Let's get to work.

What a moment to be alive.

In Spirit,

Mastin Kipp

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Edge

The edge, it's so scary
The edge is certain death
The edge is inevitable
When all else falls away
The edge is what's left

So go to the edge
The brink of disaster
Step a little closer now
Poor child, what's the matter?

The edge is your friend
But a foe in disguise
It's at the edge's end
Where you'll finally come alive

The edge is getting closer now
The edge it is neigh
The edge is before me
I'm pretty sure I'm gunna die
The edge it's here now
Right before my very eyes
And right before certain death
I've learned how to fly!

My Morning Prayer

Today I awake to start my journey all over again. I understand that I willmost likely face both inner and outer adversaries and tests which willchallenge me on the path to my Happiness. I accept that these challenges arenecessary for the development of my Highest Potential and that they are actuallya gift from the Universe, even if I can't see it right now.

I am grateful for the friends and assistance I have along the way, andacknowledge that they too are gifts from the Universe. I cannot do thisalone so I consider all of those who I come into contact with, evenperceived enemies, as allies. For we are all one in Spirit and here to helpeach other develop dormant parts of ourselves; and sometimes the only way togrow is through overcoming adversity.

The choices I make today will be for my best interest, and I will put myfaith and self-esteem to the test by choosing to do the things which will require action and courage.

I will conquer one more fear today so that when this day is over, I will beone day wiser and my heart will be one day closer to being open to Love.

There is no one else like me in the whole world, so I step forward into thisday fully accepting and loving whatever may come and am grateful for theopportunity to be exactly who I am.


Listen closely and silence the resistance and doubt of your mind if you want to hear Me
I am the calm beneath the chaos of your mind
And speak only in whispers

Let go and feel with all your heart if you want to touch Me
I cannot feel you
If you are afraid to feel me

See Me in the most unfavorable of circumstances
I do not show myself
Where you already feel comfort

Stop and smell how beautiful life is in every circumstance
My fragrance can only please you
If you are looking for it

Taste Me even when you have nothing to eat
For I alone can sustain you
Through whatever may come

Look off the beaten path to find me
For I do not dwell in the terrain that is already known

I am the subtle behind the obvious
And the peace beyond the chaos
I am the bringer of all things
And the doer of all deeds
I am the wind at your back
And the light of your soul
I am the love that’s within you
And the love that’s trying to find you

I’ll give you all your hearts desire
All you have to do
Is let me in
Be brave and see what happens
I’ll be waiting for you to begin