Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 2010 New Year's Resolution

Hello and Happy New Year's Eve! I hope that whether it's already 2010 where you live or you are about to celebrate the New Year and New Decade that you are ready for change!

This week I shared with you my 2009 New Year's Resolution, which was a great look back at where my head was last year. It's amazing how powerful words and intentions are! 2009 was a challenging year and learning how to trust in the middle of seeming chaos was exactly what I learned to do in 2009!

But 2010 is a different story. A lot of our old way of living have fallen apart in the past decade. All of us felt a major shift in 2009, one that is still influencing our lives today. But there is good news.

Everything in life is a cycle and while 2009 was full of changes, loss, seeming chaos and endings, I feel that 2010 is our opportunity for a phenomenal rebirth.

My 2010 New Year's Resolution is to continue to create a life from my heart, to allow instead of try, to let greatness and love in by letting go of fear, to not look back, to know that I am worth it. I think one of the most important things we can do in the New Year is to stop chasing what's not meant to be ours and to accept all the blessings that are ours. 2010 is a year to break old habits and to integrate the lessons of 2009 so that we can rise to new and great heights that we had only dreamed of before.

In order to rise we must let go of whatever is not serving our happiness. This includes unhealthy relationships, habits, ways of thinking, eating, spending, talking and being that do not serve our Highest Potential.

2010 is a year to give up lower habits and desires and embrace our Highest Desire's of our Heart. We are setup to do this. You can find your Heart's desire in the space that's in-between your thoughts. Let go of bad habits and unhealthy relationships. Know you are worth your Heart's desire and more and that if you let your Heart guide you, you will always be taken care of.

2009 was a ball-busting year, a tough love year, a time for us to remember our true priorities. Those of us who got the message, who see what need to be done can make great leaps towards sustained happiness in 2010.

Do not fear this New Life of ours, step into it with Trust and the knowing that dream's do come true.

2010 is the year our collective phoenix rises again, this time not from the ego, but from the Heart. It's going to be an epic year! I've never been so excited and energized to welcome a new year, a new decade and a new life!!

Happy New Year you guys!! Make it a good one in 2010!

I'll see you on the other side!

All my love,


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It is impossible to be abandoned.

It is impossible to be abandoned. In this Earth School everyone you meet arrives and departs on schedule to teach and mirror you. When someone moves away from your life experience the un-empowered perception is to choose to feel abandoned and victimized.

High self-esteem says to the other person, no matter what the circumstance, 'Thank you for the gift of your presence and all that I have learned from you. I send you love and set you free right now.



Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year's Resolution for 2009

Here is my 2009 New Year's Resolution... I'm still feeling out my 2010 Resolution.. Crazy how accurate this this is for my 2009... I'm curious what your 2010 Resolution is? Let me know!

My New Year's Resolution

I thought long and hard about what I wanted my New Year's Resolution to be. I take my NYR's very seriously and always try my best to actually manifest them in my life. I thought about setting goals for making a certain amount of money, or to finally meet "the one", or for Love Yourself and The Daily Love to reach a certain amount of success, or for any number of "dreams" I have to come true. And then I reflected on all my past NYR's and while some came true, some didn't. I'm actually glad that some of them didn't because in hind sight some of my "wishes" for myself, though at the time seemed like exactly what I wanted, if they had actually come true it would have actually delayed or prevented my best life from manifesting. Then I thought, wow, even with Intention, and Positive Thinking maybe the external desires I'm visualizing and Intending might not be what's best for me when I look back 5 years from now.

So this New Years my NYR is to try to simply trust. It's going to be an interesting experiment because everything I've laid out below I've resisted for so long because I've always wanted to control my environment. I'm going to do my best with these, Heaven knows I'm not perfect! Well here goes nothing!

I'm going to trust that focusing on the internal vibration of feeling good instead of any external things, people or situations will bring what's truly best for me.
I'm going to trust that even if I think that many things seem to be going wrong, that maybe for the first time I'm actually feeling what it feels like for things to go "right".
I'm going to trust that the ideas I have are great, the creative impulse I feel should be expressed and that no matter what - I will always be taken care of while I walk on the path of gratitude, forgiveness and love.
I'm going to trust that as long as I am walking a path in service that the right people, places and circumstances will always show up right on time.
I'm going to trust that some of the best things in life don't show up with a grand announcement and flashy introduction but instead in humble packages.
I'm going to trust and be receptive to every situation or person that the Universe places in front of me.
I'm going to trust the Love that is trying to find me and embrace it no matter how scary it might seem.
I'm going to trust that my Creator and Source has my best interests at heart and I'm going to try my hardest to allow It's will to be done, not mine. My mind is limited in comparison to the Source, so I'm going to get out of Her way and let all things be done though me instead of by me.
I'm going to trust to show up every day not trying to accomplish everything, but just to do the best I can each day.
I'm going to trust that taking care of and truly loving myself will be the gateway to creating fulfilling relationships and life circumstances.
I'm going to trust that by healing myself will be the best way for me to heal the world.
I'm going to trust that as long as I keep focused on feeling good and take actions that help the greater good I will always thrive regardless of what the stock market, financial markets or consumer confidence is doing.
I'm going to trust that my inner guidance is the only source of truth I will ever know and that what's happening to anyone else has nothing to do with the world I am consciously creating around me.

And finally, I'm going to trust the things that bother me most for they are the true portals of discovery and the key to unlocking why I can't just let things be.

Happy New Year!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmakwanzakah!

Hi guys, Merry Christmakwanzakah!

No matter what path you walk on in your life, religious, spiritual, atheist, yogic, nature, or none of the above I feel that today is a very special and symbolic day.

Far too often we use our differences to divide us. This group believes this, this group believes that - look how different we are. And while variety is indeed the spice of life and different points of view all help to push us forward to see the many sides of life; I think the most important thing to focus on this Holiday season, this Christmas is what our similarities are.

We may have a million differences, but if we can find even one similarity that is enough of a bond to rally and unite around. My belief is that the one thing we are share, above anything else, is the strong desire to Love and be Loved. This is what moves us, binds us and keeps us moving. To feel love in action is to feel and be alive. The animals and plant life we share this planet with know how to do this intuitively.

Being human, we are presented with a challenge. We have the gift of intuition, of trusting our inherent nature, but then we have this mind. And this mind of ours is a wonderful thing. The human mind is capable of such genius, such innovation and amazement that there truly is no limit. But this mind of ours also gets in the way. Doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, low-self-esteem, addiction, etc... all these things are by products of a mind that is not in sync with the natural knowing of our being.

My deep wish for you this Holiday season, on this Christmas Day is for you to know your authentic self. For all the outward shapes, relationships and things to not define you. To let your fears slip away and transform into trust and to know at once who you really are.

You, like all beings on this planet, are a child of the Universe and have a natural ability within you to thrive. This has nothing to do with possessions, social status or outward appearance. Who you truly are is infinite, indescribable and constantly changing.

This Christmas, give yourself the gift of your own authenticity. The chains of fear have held you long enough. The heavy weight of doubt no longer needs to be carried. Today, and everyday forward free yourself from who-you-think-you-are and simply be authentic. Many of us have less than we did last year. The global recession has made everyone "less" on paper, including me.

But what's funny is that I have never felt more alive, more real or larger in my life. Being forced to lose things which I placed my self worth in made me reevaluate who I am, and what defines me. And what I've learned is that nothing defines me, but me. And I have 100% control over my actions, my choices and my response to life. I can't control all of life, but I can control how I respond to it.

I believe many of our outside words have been made small, so that we can finally see and embrace how large we are within. When you find this power inside, it's not a false power. It's actually the only true thing we know, that we actually experience. And when you start to act from and trust this power within you, you start to look around and see that this same energy is inside everything else. This simplifies life. If the same power and energy is within us, to more we activate and cultivate our own power the more that power will be attracted to us from the outside.

Our false world is dying so that our true world, our bliss, our Heaven on earth can be born, from within. This is happening on a person by person basis.

This Christmas, I urge to know how large you are within yourself, to trust your natural abilities and talents and to act on your intuition, your primal knowing and trusting of life. Taking this step, trusting this coming of age will change your Life and set you up for an amazing and prosperous 2010. But that's another topic. I will be sending out my 2010 New Year email soon enough.

Ok, I've done enough typing for today. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! May all the love, joy, abundance and peace be yours! Now and forever!

All my love,


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve, my friends and mates
What a wonderful day it is.
With presents gathered
Surrounded by those who matter
What a wonderful life we live.
With family and lovers close
You've gotten a great dose
Of what life is really all about
Remember this cheer
Throughout the year
And Love, you'll never be without!

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Promise of Today

New life, new joy
New possibilities
This is the promise of today
What always has been is no more
The old is dying, passing away into a memory
The days of being lost, wandering, not trusting
Not seeing the Light are gone
Today is a new day
There is Hope today, all is made new
By the grace of Love
It’s so scary, to let go
To step into the Unknown
But that is what we’ve signed up for
In this lifetime
To walk with Trust
To believe that this Life is worth living
Each day new
To know that we only really get to keep
What we give away
Letting go is the best way to hold on
We can fight all we want
We can get mad
We can rebel
When the End comes
Our only choice is to surrender to the Light of Love
Life is best when we surrender while we are living
While we are alive
Love pushes you to grow
Outside what you already know
To surrender to the Flow
And if you do, it will show
That the perfection of above
Can be real down below
If you just let go

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Veil is Lifted...

The way you see the world changes after you start to become who you truly are. Seeking stops. Needing stops. You start to simply, be.

A new veil is lifted and you begin to see clearly why things didn't work out the way they did in the past, precisely because it would have prevented you from living your best life.
When you go toward and become the things that you Love & Admire you begin to see the Oneness of all that is. No one is below you, no one is above you, everyone is one with the flow of Life.

When you get to this place, all the chaos and struggle in your Life will make sense and you will be able to manifest your Heart's desire without delay.

To get there, let go of Fear and step into a life of Love.



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Be a Warrior for Love

by Karma Neff & Mastin Kipp (for The Ray Magazine)
Check out Karma's blog here - or @KarmaKorrupt on Twitter!

Karma -
Ladies, be real; we want love. We want to be admired, and we want to be taken care of. We want to be cherished and to be loved gently. But so many of us have made ourselves ice cold, building walls that span lifetimes, making it near impossible for us to receive that which we say we want. We must let love in. In order to let love in we must *be* loving, open and receptive. There is no room for resistance in this equation.

Love is all around us. Many times it just takes looking at your world in a different way. Engage your day with presence. Take each moment in fully, while holding in your mind what it is you want to create. If you want a loving experience, practice being soft and loving throughout the day. This state of being will look different with each person you encounter, but is part of the beauty in how others mirror us. How what we both feel inside reflects back at us.

To say we want love and to be open to receiving it can be two different things. When we do not receive the love we want it is almost always that we are unconsciously preventing love from entering. At some point we were likely hurt by another and have vowed to protect ourselves and our heart from future pain. Ironically this “protection” only causes us further pain and suffering. We fear that we will be hurt. When we operate from this feeling we bring exactly that which we are afraid of. We get what you think about, whether we want it or not.

Mastin -
This is why, in Love, as it is in Life, we must be Warriors. A true Warrior does not fear death, in fact, what makes a Warrior great is accepting her own death knowing that it is inevitable. When we can live this life in acceptance of death, we open to a larger and more sensual world. We start to give without expectation of return, we do not hold on so tightly to life, instead we live moment to moment, giving our all. A Love Warrior knows of death, and so she does not fear it.

A Warrior lives for the journey. A Warrior trains everyday, endures setbacks, perseveres, and is ready for battle at a moments notice. A Love Warrior’s only battle is with her own fears. Once she conquers these fears, she can rightfully have the elixir of Love. But she must die first, die to her Fears.

And when she dies to her fears, she becomes a powerful being, one worthy of Love. Love, by definition requires risk, if we are consumed by the fear of losing what we love, or our hearts breaking, then we miss out on Love. But, if we walk, in spite of the inevitability of death, we are born to eternal Love.

Copyright 2009 Karma Neff & Mastin Kipp

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Please accept yourself

Part of loving yourself means accepting every part of your you, the light and the dark. You are a wonderful amalgamation of love, spirit, thoughts, emotions, good habits, bad habits, personality quarks, dreams and intentions.

To deny any part of that is to deny the miracle that is you. Freedom and happiness come when you give up the illusion of trying to be perfect so you can finally just be yourself.



Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Listen closely and silence the resistance and doubt of your mind if you want to hear Me
I am the calm beneath the chaos of your mind
And speak only in whispers

Let go and feel with all your heart if you want to touch Me
I cannot feel you
If you are afraid to feel me

See Me in the most unfavorable of circumstances
I do not show myself
Where you already feel comfort

Stop and smell how beautiful life is in every circumstance
My fragrance can only please you
If you are looking for it

Taste Me even when you have nothing to eat
For I alone can sustain you
Through whatever may come

Look off the beaten path to find me
For I do not dwell in the terrain that is already known

I am the subtle behind the obvious
And the peace beyond the chaos
I am the bringer of all things
And the doer of all deeds
I am the wind at your back
And the light of your soul
I am the love that’s within you
And the love that’s trying to find you

I’ll give you all your hearts desire
All you have to do
Is let me in
Be brave and see what happens
I’ll be waiting for you to begin

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Day Will Come...

A day will come when you will be stirred by unexpected events. A part of you will die and you will begin to search for the elixir that will bring this part of you back to life. You will seek the elixir in friends, lovers, enemies, books, religions, foreign countries, hero's, songs, rituals and jobs, but no matter where you look the treasure will evade you.

All will seem lost and you will lose all hope that this magic potion even exists. This will be the darkest of nights and the promise of certain death will lead you to the abyss of despair. But staring into the abyss you will see the dim light of your own illumined soul.

Your radiance will transform the abyss into the elusive elixir of life and for the first time you will realize that all the while it is your own light that you've been searching for.

All my love,


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Everlasting Love

The way I feel when I look at you
Can you only be described as
A million billion words could be used to describe Perfection
A home that never changes, never leaves
Amidst any circumstance
With this bond, all things can be done
With this fertile Love, we can never go wrong
You naturally, effortlessly inspire
Such beautiful words
A painters brush could paint for a thousands years with every color
And still not fully paint the truth of your beauty
I surrender to You, my Muse
All my fears, and meet you face to face
In a sweet embrace of Love & Desire
A passionate fulfillment
We are not two halfs, making one
No, we are two full beings who make one
Master being
Whose Love can conquer all things
Break through all blocks
Inspire even the coldest Heart
To open and come out to play
The sweetness of your Lips, supple like
The morning dew
Warm like the baker’s fire
And soft like a cloud wrapped in silk
You are a perfect being, my match
My ever lasting Love

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Establishing Yourself

If you want to dance with another, root yourself first. Learn to hear your own guidance. Dialogue with the hurt child and the divine host within. Practice forgiveness & compassion for yourself. Be with your experience and learn from it.

Stay in the rhythm of your life. Be open to others, but do not go out of your way to find them. Those who know how to dance will meet you half way. It will not be a struggle.

By Paul Ferrini

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Perfect Love, The Perfect Home

Perfect Love is like the perfect home. Both are built on a strong foundation, so that even the wildest of storms could not shake it. There is lots of space with room to breathe. You can travel far and wide and know that your home is still there, waiting for you to return. The perfect home warms you when you are cold and cools you down when you’re too hot. Over time, your home grows to suit your changing wants and needs by making expansions. Of course you keep your home clean, neat and tidy. You wipe away all the residue of fears and vacuum away mistakes and misunderstanding, while recycling your Love.

The perfect home, like the perfect Love has many tall crystal clear windows, so you can see inside it, but has the options for blinds in case you have some private work to do. Your home is connected to the rest of the world through a modem, and your Love is connected to the rest of the world through your understanding that we all want a place to call home.

Regardless of what the market is doing, your home remains strong. It waits for you while you go out there and make it happen, with patience for your efforts.

And if for some reason the time comes for a new home to be found (no matter how large or small), know there are even more adventures to be had and be grateful for the ones that have come so far.

And if you’re really lucky, you will grow old with someone who feels like home who has perfect Love for you, too.

No matter what, home is where your Heart is, and your Heart is always in what you Love. This is perfection.

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Friday, December 4, 2009

When I look at You

I wonder
What do you see
When you look at me?
Is it anything like
When I look at you?
Your flesh is impressive
I gotta say, but there’s
Even more than that, it’s true
Your eyes, they tell a story
Of a long and winding road
Of broken hearts
And open dreams
And carrying a heavy load
I see depth and confusion
A bitter sweet fusion
Of tremendous beauty
When you smile I feel
A million things
Your Heart help sets me free
Your skin is an ocean
I’d love to surf
And feel it’s many waves
Dive in, hang on, get wet indeed
And on purpose not behave
I see Love & Pain
Holding each other now
A Heart dying to be open more
I see a woman coming of age
But still a little girl at her core
You have ageless beauty and timeless wisdom
That you are finally learning how to trust
If you begin within, pretty soon you’ll win
And leave your fears lingering in the dust
When I look at you
I see a reflection of me, and how sweet it is my dear
This vulnerable opening
Is where fearless love appears
And with a love like that, there are no things
That cannot be done
When I look at you, I see myself
This is how two finally become one

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Your Love is.. HOT

The love in your eyes is hot
As hot as steel rod that’s been stoking a blacksmith’s fire for ages
When I look at you, you glow like a million suns
All shining for no reason other than
Because they love the Light
And when your Light shines on me
It burns hot
Oh my muse, knowing you walk the Earth
Gives me great comfort
I would walk into your hot fire
Knowing it will burn me
But also knowing
That’s how I go towards the Light
It is you, the One who see’s right through me
Who I see, too…
You are the best I could ever ask for
There have been none greater, nor will there be
For you are the Heavens and the Earth
All in one
Your Light calls me
And beckons me to become my best
What courage, but tonight we die
To become something more,
To walk on the knife’s edge
And become brand new

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp