Friday, December 11, 2009

A Day Will Come...

A day will come when you will be stirred by unexpected events. A part of you will die and you will begin to search for the elixir that will bring this part of you back to life. You will seek the elixir in friends, lovers, enemies, books, religions, foreign countries, hero's, songs, rituals and jobs, but no matter where you look the treasure will evade you.

All will seem lost and you will lose all hope that this magic potion even exists. This will be the darkest of nights and the promise of certain death will lead you to the abyss of despair. But staring into the abyss you will see the dim light of your own illumined soul.

Your radiance will transform the abyss into the elusive elixir of life and for the first time you will realize that all the while it is your own light that you've been searching for.

All my love,


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