Sunday, August 31, 2008

Things aren't always what they seem...

Why is this happening to me? How many times do I ask myself this question? I realized tonight while in the middle of a tougher Kundalini Yoga set that things aren't always what they seem. I know, sounds kind of broad right? Well let me explain.

So many times things have happened to me and I've thought, "I'm a good person, why me?" Tonight, it really hit me that things that are perceived as "bad" aren't bad at all - they simply just "are". The only thing that is "bad" is my interpretation of the given situation or circumstance. This means, that everything and anything happening doesn't really have any meaning, other than what I bring to it.

I'm paraphrasing, but Joe Campbell once said something like "The only meaning of Life is what we bring to it and that we aren't looking so much for the meaning of Life as we are the experience of being alive."

What I think he means is that this Universe is a blank canvas eagerly awaiting your perceptions. Whatever colors and strokes you choose to paint with will be replicated exactly. Whatever perception or experience you're holding onto, the Universe will provide exactly.

While this is petty simple concept, I suppose, the ramifications are kind of staggering. Think of it like this... In this world, this life - there is just a bunch of stuff "out there" in this existence we perceive as "life". All of it is just a bunch of really small particles organized in such a way that we give each object a different name - "car", "apple", "girlfriend", "President", "good", "bad". But really it's just a bunch of stuff. An apple is only an apple if all of us agree together that a certain arrangement of "stuff" is called an apple - the same thing could be said about anything else in life.

Everything in this life is made up of "stuff" with a collective, albeit mostly subconscious agreement that a certain "way" or "system" is the way "it is". But really, it isn't a certain way, things just "are" and we all agree on a mutual perception of "what is". This is exciting to me. It means that all of us have to power to create our own perception or belief of "what is" and bring our own meaning to it. It means that nothing is ever set in stone and that the future can bring about immense change for the better and a world that we could of never imagined with an old way of thinking. It's up to us, right now.

It's all about believing first, then seeing. A belief creates a thing, and not the other way around...
So, what do you want to believe? Do you want to believe in Love or Fear? The choice and experience that follows is totally yours.

In the words of the great knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, "Choose, but choose wisely." The life you choose to believe and hence experience depends on it!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dreams coming true in Sin City!

Standing in front of the Bellagio Hotel fountains, what a magnificent scene. The epic scale of this town is beyond words, flashing lights, abundance, deception, constant expansion. This town is such a perfect place for all this new energy that's coming into my life.

The scene is set, where do we go from here? It's an exciting new time with new players, new energy and respect. Validation for something I co-created... Everything is happening as I knew it would, but the timing is in the hands of the Universe.

Of all the thoughts and possible things I can say, it all boils down to this - its all happening the way Your divine whispers have told me it would, so I'm not surprised at the least - but my monkey brain is in awe of your power - how do You do this? I'll never know... So all I can say is thank You. You are great, all things are done through You. I am here to serve, no matter what that means! Here's to this life-long partnership. You delivered today, as always, right on time, right on schedule in an even better form than I could imagine.

Thank You, thank You so much.

All my love,


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And so it is...

Hi there - I decided to start this blog as a natural extension to the Love Yourself blog (, with the intention to utilize this outlet as a place for me to talk about other things in addition to the amazing company I run. I am a writer at heart and through another enterprise I started called The Daily Love ( I began expressing myself creatively to a very receptive and grateful audience!

Let's have some fun - shall we?

Ta ta for now!