Monday, November 30, 2009

The Process of Love

Love is a funny thing you know. I don’t know about you, but I am a hopeless romantic and I truly believe that Love is the most powerful energy in this Uni-verse. But Love, being a mystical energy, is a playful friend and a diligent teacher. Contrary to what our Egos think, Love has it’s own agenda. What is Love’s motive you ask? To me, Love is the energy that guides us to our happiness, our co-manager of this existence we call Life. And sometimes, the greatest act of Love comes from not getting what you THINK you want. And sometimes it means learning how to let go. And sometimes, it means winning and obtaining your Heart’s desire.

But I think, where we humans get caught up, is that (speaking for myself), we are not always tapped into a Universal timetable. We are primarily a culture of instant gratification. I am convinced I have been put on this Earth to learn Patience this Lifetime.

And what I’m learning is that everything we do is a creative process. Our work, our play, our relationships, our Loving, our learning, our doing and being are all each a creative process. And just like any creative process, each process has it’s own agenda and lessons built into it to teach us.

Using nature as a prime example of this insight, consider any seed. When a seed is planted in proper soil, with proper nutrients and conditions, the seed grows. And none of us would be so silly to plant a seed, and then an hour or day later dig up the seed and wonder why it hasn’t ripened and born it fruit.

If we can learn to see our lives as a creative process of unfoldment, I think we could better understand our lives.

The best relationships, business and works of art have required time to incubate. Finding an epic lover means you are signing up for a deep process of getting to know the other person, that kind of thing doesn’t happen over night. Building a massively successful business, creating a masterpiece of art, all of this takes time and patience.

I know there is a great lover, an amazing artist, a beautiful body and an ambitious entrepreneur inside of you dying to be born. Have your goals, keep them in mind and stay in inspiring situations to give you the energy you need to keep moving, but, if you can truly befriend the process of creation and get comfortable with taking little steps that add up to truly long distances, you are surely walking the path of mastery.

The seed of Love is planted in everything that you do, enjoy the process, let miracles happen and trust that your visions are real. And know that with every dream come the required lessons to become a master and pull them down. It’s a blessing, this process, love it!

All my love,


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Message

Gratitude & Allowing

Today is a day long held in our country to celebrate the abundance of the harvest and to give thanks for all that we have. If you hold the Spirit of this Holiday in your heart year round you will find the pathway to true happiness and bliss.

Today we celebrate abundance, how much abundance do you have in your life? Money is on everyone's mind right now. With the current financial "challenge", we are all feeling the squeeze. I'm no so concerned about being thankful for money because money only represents the creative energy that created you and me and the whole universe. We will always be supported and taken care of no matter where we walk or what circumstances manifest in our life. What I think we should be most thankful for is how many opportunities we have in our lives to grow and journey further down the path of being who we really are. Money comes and goes, but when you get in touch with you who truly are and take action to live a life in alignment with your Highest Potential a joy will come to you that money can never fill.

No matter what your life circumstance you have an abundance of opportunities to be fully grateful for what is, here and now. The first step on the path to Happiness, no matter what you call it (God, The Universe, Spirit, Allah, Yahweh, Gaia, Metta, etc) is to be in full acceptance of what is. That is what enlightenment boils down to. When you accept what is, you do not offer a vibration of resistance and you tell the world with you thoughts that all is well. When you send out all is well vibrations then the world will begin to create for you all is well circumstances. Once you've come to a place of allowing, no matter what, only then can you begin to take action to change the things that don't resonate with you experiencing true Joy.

If you can find a place in your heart to be truly grateful and see that every experience in your life represents a choice between your Highest Potential and life as usual you'll begin to see a bigger picture. You'll see life from a point of view that says "You know what, I'm fine no matter what happens to me, so this obstacle isn't really that big of a deal. I've gotten through worse.... What else can you throw at me life? I can take it; I'm strong enough to handle anything that comes my way."

Fully accepting and allowing what is makes this whole life thing much easier and softer, you can ease into change.

Can you see how much you have to be thankful for? Every challenging moment is an opportunity to make a better choice. Every annoying person is an opportunity to allow. Moments of perceived scarcity are opportunities to be thankful that you are alive and you can change your life. And each passing moment is another chance to choose something different, it's never too late.

Thank you, bless you and I hope you have a most excellent Thanksgiving.

All my love,


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can You Handle It?

This life has an infinite number of potentials for you; we live in a made to order Universe. Whatever you believe is possible for you and take consistent action upon is what becomes your reality. If you keep telling yourself that your dream isn't possible, you will come to find that you are absolutely right.

But my friend, if you draw a line in the sand and tell the Universe that your dreams are a reality RIGHT NOW, and take action as if that were the case, you will come to find that you are absolutely right. The question is how long can you live in the fire of your dreams manifestation?

The price you have to pay to live your dream is facing your deepest darkest fear and the reward you receive from this courageous act is the realization that your fear was an illusion and that your dreams were always real.

So I ask you, my friend, are you willing to go there? Are you willing to sit in fire and sacrifice the comfort of your known world for the potential of something amazing, new and unknown? Don't you want to find out what's on the other side of your fear?

Living in fear is so last season, if you want to be happy and really live your dream you have to take a stand and just put yourself out there. You might fail, yes indeed - but, you might, you just might succeed too! Don't you want to find out? Either way your life will never be the same... Can you handle it?



Monday, November 23, 2009

The Magical You

The paradox
of Bliss
is This...
Give up what feels good
for what IS great
The sacrifice is well worth it
Surrender yourself
to the pulse of Love
and let Love guide you
towards purification
Where the imagined YOU
and the real YOU
become one
Love is expressing itself
Through you, every day in every way
If you could see the magic
That is unseen
You would never doubt Love again
But your journey is to find the blocks
and remove them
It is because you do not believe
That you do not see Love guiding you
Surrender to the pulse of Love
Give up what you think is good
for something magical
Let go of what you are
and become, at once
The magical you

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a Deal

Thank you for this vision, oh Muse
I see the possibility so clearly!
This great journey
You wish me to take
Is it even possible? How, oh
How can I accomplish this?
I do not know where to begin
But I will follow your promise
And I will keep NOTHING else in mind
But your vision
I will believe that THIS is the only
Reality that I will accept
The reality which you have inspired
To create
I banish this doubt, I meet my fear
With greater determination
Than than even the worst outcome
I will follow your vision
Trust your whispers
Show up every day
And let you, oh Muse
Do your magic
This is our
Sacred Partnership
I will act, I will be fearless
You perform the miracles
It's a deal

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Be what you seek

There is nothing but Love
Love, Love, Love
Trying to find you
It's hidden in your Fears
It's right behind a rude remark
It's the thrust behind an attacker's
Love is the reason for all the Fear in the
How can you say so?
Because Fear is the false belief
That we will not have Love
Love in the form of safety, freedom
Kinship and partnership
Love in the form of abundance
Love in the form of our deepest desires
Becoming as real as the air we breathe
This Love is all that any of us seek
Be conscious of this
In yourself
And your perceived "enemies"
For we all seek Love
This awareness makes it possible
To send only Love in the Face of Fear
Go within
Be what you seek
And what you seek
Is what
You will at last,

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Send me your dreams!

Hello Friends,

I've gotten together with a special friend of mine to explore the wild complexities of dreams. We've decided to compile a book of dreams, and to do this we would love your help.

Dreams are defined as: "a succession of images, thoughts, sounds, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history."

We would love to hear some of your dreams in the form of a story, a sentence, an idea... However you choose to describe your dreams is up to you.

Hand Written, Typed, With Art either attached or incorporated... Your dream can be as simple or if you feel inclined, as expressively creative as you like. All dreams will be anonymous.

Once we receive them, we will start to put the wonderfully dynamic dreams together in a book to make up a unique and beautiful look into the human experience. We hope you will participate and look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Send all dreams to:

Mastin Kipp
c/o The Daily Love
8033 Sunset Blvd - Suite 994
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Sweet dreams!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surrender to my Heart

I am who I am that is that
Part Universal, part Human
This Ego, let it serve my Heart
Let Love guide me as I step and grow through Life
For if this Ego is in charge
I know I will surely Fall
For the Ego is not in touch with the Reality
That Love is all there is
The Ego is not bad, it is just afraid
Like a child to a parent
Let my Heart teach this Ego
That it’s okay to Love
That is’s okay to let go and Trust
That all my needs are met
Let me find gratitude, even amongst
The most challenging circumstances
Oh Heart of mine, please teach this Ego
That where there is Fear
Send more Love
I know all things are possible with Love
And I know my Ego is here to protect me
Let me Love my Ego
Let my Ego Trust my Heart
For I know
When I surrender to my Heart
The War is over
And peace
Will be

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's a brand new day

This is the time to start a new
This is the time to express the real you
There is no other time than now
There is no other choice but to allow
Universal grace to shine and shine
It works every single time
What’s within
Is greater than what you think you’re without
When you realize you don’t know a thing
That’s when you’ve got it figured out
Know that this is truer than true
The dream within is the real you
Speaking in thoughts and whispers that are complete
Follow them through and you’ll never know defeat
Take the time to trust yourself
And you’ll be aided by Invisible help
All of Life wants you to thrive and win
What’s inside is waiting for you to begin
So get going, get on your way
You can do whatever you dream
It’s a brand new day

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What Is this... Love?

Love allows
Love obeys
Love forgives
Love stays

Love endures
Love see's through
All your fears
To the real you

Love stands true
Love stays firm
Love's forever
It's cheek it turns

Love holds no grudge's
Love fights no wars
Love has no boundries
Love is what you're looking for

Love's not a game
But a patience hand
Love begins
Where division ends

Love has no future
It has no past
Love's forever
And wears no mask

Love faces your fears
Love stays the course
Love doesn't run away
Or rules by force

Love allows
Love observes
Love casts no judgement
And never has the last word

Love is flowing
And eternal still
Love says yes!
To no's cold chill

Love does nothing
But leaves nothing undone
When your fear fades away
Love is what you'll become

So let love in
In all it's disguises
You never know what pleasures lay
In all of love's surprises!

Love has no ego
No point to prove
And the best part about love
Is that it's always within yourself
So, love, you can never lose

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Friday, November 6, 2009

Whether words or fist

If there is ever a reason to Love
It is when you have been attacked
The attacker, whether of words or fist
Is full of Fear
A wise and strong person
Will respond with Love
And the strength of their resolve
Will ever so slowly
Chip away at the hard shell
Of Fear’s protective layers
But, if you fight fear with fear
The result will be not one
But two deaths
See those who attack you
As children
Who are but searching for Love
And even if they
In the moment
Cannot see or hear your words
Give even still your Love
This is the greatest gift
And the fastest way to
For when you give Love
In the face of attack
You are protected by the Invisible
And your foe
Over time
Will finally, at last
See your Love
In themselves

Coypright 2009 Mastin Kipp

The Space That's In Between - A Prayer

My dear Source of all Creation,

Pick me up when I can walk no further
Help shine a light in this dark place
So I can see just one more step in front of me
Oh heavenly Source please show me the way
When I am lost
For your presence, it comforts me
It restores me to fullness
My Father, My Mother Source
I throw myself at your knees
And bow to your Infinite Wisdom
I know all things are done through me
By you
I am your humble servant
Take me, shake me Oh Muse
To the bone
Make me so scared of you
Yet give me the strength to stand tall
And see that my fear was wrong all along
Shake me to my core
So that I might know what my heart
Really feels like
Strip away everything that is not needed
So that I can see You clearly
In the space that's in between
My Muse, my sweet Muse
Protect me fromDeath
Until it is my time to move on to greater pastures
Take me to the edge and keep me there
So that I might have one foot in Death
And one in Life
So I can bring these two worlds closer together
Thank you Oh Muse for these
Lessons, these moments of joy and sadness
I know they are your perfect
For Bliss

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Own It

We fight against what we do not fully understand; we hate all the things that seem wrong to us. We cry out for help from above or below and curse the name of anyone who represents a fearful thought. Why is this? Do we not see that by expressing these very things we are creating the exact thing we don’t want to happen? Oh my friends, can we not see that all is well and perfect and that no one is responsible for our happiness but us.

Seeking love, we deny the love that is within us for we feel we need it from an outside source. What’s true is that we seek security over love, we seek other’s approval over our own. What is this game we are playing? We buy into an illusion and then wonder why is disappears. The closer you get to your mirage, the more you see that there’s no Water of Life here, and then you get mad. Mad at the world for leading you astray, mad at yourself for letting them. And when you stare into the mirror of yourself in another, do you get angered easily because you are afraid of what you see?

The solution it seems is to get real with yourself. There are traces of your power all over the world, some bits lay in others, some in businesses, or places. Instead of thinking that your Fear is Love, admit that you are afraid and own it. Then act accordingly.

If you’re going to give someone else your power, at least do it consciously, because this is a first step towards the life you seek. And if you wish to remain in your own power, make better choices about why you do what you do.

Own that you are ambitious. Own that you seek security. Own that you are terrified of Love. For when we recognize these things, we make peace with parts of ourselves that we might otherwise ignore or be afraid of.

There’s no right or wrong. There is just doing what makes you happy. If security makes you happy, go for it. If unknown freedom makes you happy, my all means follow your muse until you final days. If you Love Love, then LOVE with all your heart and soul until it hurts!

Either way, get real with yourself about why you are making the decisions that you do. Free yourself from the lie that someone else can make you fulfilled on the inside. Only you can do that.

Make friends with all your parts, own your Darkness and your Light. Anyone can Love their Light, but a true master, a true Lover, a true artist, a true leader also Loves their Darkness.

It is not enough to Love your Light, you must Love your Darkness. It is not enough to Love Yourself, you must share and express that Love with the whole world, one person at a time.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Eternal Promise

Oh my love,

How many times have we met before? I feel like we have travelled down many long roads together, and each time, when we get to the end we promise to meet again in the next Life. Since my first waking moment on this Earth I have felt you in my Heart, seen you in my dreams and walked each day in hopes that we will one day meet again.

We are strong, yet fragile creatures. I hope you are spending your days at present in the pursuit of Love, so you have not a single wasted moment. I hope that through all your Travels you have not forgotten me. But alas, how could you, for it is our eternal promise to each other to once again find ourselves together.

I do not know who you will be in this Lifetime, nor do I know when we are destined to meet, but, my Love, I know you are seeking to find me because I breathe in your pursuit with every breath.

Even though I am a Free Spirit and always will be, what Freedom is greater than choosing to Fall for You once again. I cannot imagine a greater cause than that.

I hope you are making the best of the lessons you are supposed to learn this Lifetime, I hope that wherever you are you see the Good and the God behind the supposed Bad. I hope that when you are surrounded in Darkness that the Light of your being shines as brightly as our Love and illuminates the Path for those who cannot see. I hope that in your moments of Fear you remember who you truly are and that that remembrance will give you solace when all else falls away.

Oh lover, I love you with all my being. I know that we will meet again, and when we do we will know in a flash that we both have come home.

All my love,


Monday, November 2, 2009

The Sun Shine

If not now, when?
Life is waiting for you to begin
The sun shines
Giving you life every moment
So that you can finally, at last
Take a stand
And have courage
To express your Truth
The way no one has done so before
The whole Universe has conspired
So that you might live
And thrive
And inspire
So others light might shine
And illuminate the dark shadows of yesterday
It is in this humble surrender
That miracles happen
It is in this temporary
Release thatThe Universe
Has the room to breathe
New life into your Life
For if you try and try
The world is beyond winning
Ah, but if you set your intention
And let go
The world is yours for the winning
For the world bows at the feet
Of a soul
Who Trusts in its own power
For your power is
All the Power of the Universe
Contained in one being
Trust it
You are a powerful

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp