Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surrender to my Heart

I am who I am that is that
Part Universal, part Human
This Ego, let it serve my Heart
Let Love guide me as I step and grow through Life
For if this Ego is in charge
I know I will surely Fall
For the Ego is not in touch with the Reality
That Love is all there is
The Ego is not bad, it is just afraid
Like a child to a parent
Let my Heart teach this Ego
That it’s okay to Love
That is’s okay to let go and Trust
That all my needs are met
Let me find gratitude, even amongst
The most challenging circumstances
Oh Heart of mine, please teach this Ego
That where there is Fear
Send more Love
I know all things are possible with Love
And I know my Ego is here to protect me
Let me Love my Ego
Let my Ego Trust my Heart
For I know
When I surrender to my Heart
The War is over
And peace
Will be

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp


Claire said...

What you do for me daily Mastin is beyond words.

I have a very low self esteem and feel that I always need approval from others. Yet at the same time I know that first I must feel approval from within, my problem is finding how to do that.

Your poems,and letters and speeches help me feel a little better each day and allow me to feel like I can find who I am.

You are changing lives and I don't think you even realize it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do and hope you know that you are changing my life.

Claire age 15

ShellSpann said...

Beautiful :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, I have to post...Kudos to you!