Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a Deal

Thank you for this vision, oh Muse
I see the possibility so clearly!
This great journey
You wish me to take
Is it even possible? How, oh
How can I accomplish this?
I do not know where to begin
But I will follow your promise
And I will keep NOTHING else in mind
But your vision
I will believe that THIS is the only
Reality that I will accept
The reality which you have inspired
To create
I banish this doubt, I meet my fear
With greater determination
Than than even the worst outcome
I will follow your vision
Trust your whispers
Show up every day
And let you, oh Muse
Do your magic
This is our
Sacred Partnership
I will act, I will be fearless
You perform the miracles
It's a deal

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

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