Monday, November 30, 2009

The Process of Love

Love is a funny thing you know. I don’t know about you, but I am a hopeless romantic and I truly believe that Love is the most powerful energy in this Uni-verse. But Love, being a mystical energy, is a playful friend and a diligent teacher. Contrary to what our Egos think, Love has it’s own agenda. What is Love’s motive you ask? To me, Love is the energy that guides us to our happiness, our co-manager of this existence we call Life. And sometimes, the greatest act of Love comes from not getting what you THINK you want. And sometimes it means learning how to let go. And sometimes, it means winning and obtaining your Heart’s desire.

But I think, where we humans get caught up, is that (speaking for myself), we are not always tapped into a Universal timetable. We are primarily a culture of instant gratification. I am convinced I have been put on this Earth to learn Patience this Lifetime.

And what I’m learning is that everything we do is a creative process. Our work, our play, our relationships, our Loving, our learning, our doing and being are all each a creative process. And just like any creative process, each process has it’s own agenda and lessons built into it to teach us.

Using nature as a prime example of this insight, consider any seed. When a seed is planted in proper soil, with proper nutrients and conditions, the seed grows. And none of us would be so silly to plant a seed, and then an hour or day later dig up the seed and wonder why it hasn’t ripened and born it fruit.

If we can learn to see our lives as a creative process of unfoldment, I think we could better understand our lives.

The best relationships, business and works of art have required time to incubate. Finding an epic lover means you are signing up for a deep process of getting to know the other person, that kind of thing doesn’t happen over night. Building a massively successful business, creating a masterpiece of art, all of this takes time and patience.

I know there is a great lover, an amazing artist, a beautiful body and an ambitious entrepreneur inside of you dying to be born. Have your goals, keep them in mind and stay in inspiring situations to give you the energy you need to keep moving, but, if you can truly befriend the process of creation and get comfortable with taking little steps that add up to truly long distances, you are surely walking the path of mastery.

The seed of Love is planted in everything that you do, enjoy the process, let miracles happen and trust that your visions are real. And know that with every dream come the required lessons to become a master and pull them down. It’s a blessing, this process, love it!

All my love,



Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I totally agree, love is indeed a creative process.

Brian said...

You are truly my biggest motivation at the moment. Your words speak so true and help make me a better person! Thanks keep them coming

Heres Gigi said...

Yes! I'm so glad you said what I've been feeling lately. And I agree love and life are a journey, not a destination. When we know it all - if that ever happens, we will achieve nirvana (to my way of thinking). I'd rather progressively fall deeper and deeper in love with someone than just reach an imaginary milestone of love. And what is wrong with enjoying all the steps along the way? Like friendship, kinship, synchronicity? Sorry I wrote a novel, but THANK YOU :)

RahielD. said...

I really hope I can remember this everyday that I am going through it!

meganwhitney said...

Thank you for sharing all your thoughts. They're so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

me said...

Love this post. It's one of those great things I wish I would have understood at twenty.

Dianne said...

spot on!