Monday, September 13, 2010

The Festival of Your Life

This yearning has dissolved into trust
This fear has faded into dust
From the first step taken in fear
To the final confident step
You have been there
Showing me the way
There is no love in fear
No need to be right
Nothing to chase
There is only love
And your choice to express it
Or let it wither and die
Forget what you have been told
Embrace what you really know
That you are a seed ripe with potential
Plant yourself in the faith or your expression
Cast out into the unknown sea
Forge on one more day without needing to know
How it ends
Because the only true ending is the one that never begins
Otherwise, all of life
Is one giant leap of faith into the arms of Love
You were born to express your gifts
Do not wait a moment longer
Because the next moment may be too late
Live unafraid of death
And your fear will die
And all that will be left
Is the festival of your life

Copyright 2010 Mastin Kipp, All Rights Reserved.