Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Own It

We fight against what we do not fully understand; we hate all the things that seem wrong to us. We cry out for help from above or below and curse the name of anyone who represents a fearful thought. Why is this? Do we not see that by expressing these very things we are creating the exact thing we don’t want to happen? Oh my friends, can we not see that all is well and perfect and that no one is responsible for our happiness but us.

Seeking love, we deny the love that is within us for we feel we need it from an outside source. What’s true is that we seek security over love, we seek other’s approval over our own. What is this game we are playing? We buy into an illusion and then wonder why is disappears. The closer you get to your mirage, the more you see that there’s no Water of Life here, and then you get mad. Mad at the world for leading you astray, mad at yourself for letting them. And when you stare into the mirror of yourself in another, do you get angered easily because you are afraid of what you see?

The solution it seems is to get real with yourself. There are traces of your power all over the world, some bits lay in others, some in businesses, or places. Instead of thinking that your Fear is Love, admit that you are afraid and own it. Then act accordingly.

If you’re going to give someone else your power, at least do it consciously, because this is a first step towards the life you seek. And if you wish to remain in your own power, make better choices about why you do what you do.

Own that you are ambitious. Own that you seek security. Own that you are terrified of Love. For when we recognize these things, we make peace with parts of ourselves that we might otherwise ignore or be afraid of.

There’s no right or wrong. There is just doing what makes you happy. If security makes you happy, go for it. If unknown freedom makes you happy, my all means follow your muse until you final days. If you Love Love, then LOVE with all your heart and soul until it hurts!

Either way, get real with yourself about why you are making the decisions that you do. Free yourself from the lie that someone else can make you fulfilled on the inside. Only you can do that.

Make friends with all your parts, own your Darkness and your Light. Anyone can Love their Light, but a true master, a true Lover, a true artist, a true leader also Loves their Darkness.

It is not enough to Love your Light, you must Love your Darkness. It is not enough to Love Yourself, you must share and express that Love with the whole world, one person at a time.




FredWeasley'sGurl said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear Mastin, so amazing and...words can't explain how this made me feel

Anonymous said...

I have just started reading your blog. You steal words from my soul. There is no right or wrong to what or why I search; only that I make it mine. It's good to know there are other seekers with soul.
I'm glad I found you.
Be blessed.

Nessa said...

This is such truth! Thank you so much for writing. It inspires me everyday!

Jennifer said...

This is my favorite of all that you have written. Thank you!

Stephanie Muccilli said...

Thank you for the words of insight:)