Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Eternal Promise

Oh my love,

How many times have we met before? I feel like we have travelled down many long roads together, and each time, when we get to the end we promise to meet again in the next Life. Since my first waking moment on this Earth I have felt you in my Heart, seen you in my dreams and walked each day in hopes that we will one day meet again.

We are strong, yet fragile creatures. I hope you are spending your days at present in the pursuit of Love, so you have not a single wasted moment. I hope that through all your Travels you have not forgotten me. But alas, how could you, for it is our eternal promise to each other to once again find ourselves together.

I do not know who you will be in this Lifetime, nor do I know when we are destined to meet, but, my Love, I know you are seeking to find me because I breathe in your pursuit with every breath.

Even though I am a Free Spirit and always will be, what Freedom is greater than choosing to Fall for You once again. I cannot imagine a greater cause than that.

I hope you are making the best of the lessons you are supposed to learn this Lifetime, I hope that wherever you are you see the Good and the God behind the supposed Bad. I hope that when you are surrounded in Darkness that the Light of your being shines as brightly as our Love and illuminates the Path for those who cannot see. I hope that in your moments of Fear you remember who you truly are and that that remembrance will give you solace when all else falls away.

Oh lover, I love you with all my being. I know that we will meet again, and when we do we will know in a flash that we both have come home.

All my love,



Anonymous said...

This is deeply beautiful and so very inspiring.

seasson said...

I love this! Thank you for sharing. x

Luisa said...

You continuously awe me with your posts. They're perfectly beautiful. You have a true talent and thanks for sharing it.

ErinBoonie said...

This is so beautiful. My boyfriend and I always say that we've been together for eternity because we feel that we've always been in love throughout time, no matter what form we may have taken. This spoke to me so clearly. Thank you for your words.