Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dreams coming true in Sin City!

Standing in front of the Bellagio Hotel fountains, what a magnificent scene. The epic scale of this town is beyond words, flashing lights, abundance, deception, constant expansion. This town is such a perfect place for all this new energy that's coming into my life.

The scene is set, where do we go from here? It's an exciting new time with new players, new energy and respect. Validation for something I co-created... Everything is happening as I knew it would, but the timing is in the hands of the Universe.

Of all the thoughts and possible things I can say, it all boils down to this - its all happening the way Your divine whispers have told me it would, so I'm not surprised at the least - but my monkey brain is in awe of your power - how do You do this? I'll never know... So all I can say is thank You. You are great, all things are done through You. I am here to serve, no matter what that means! Here's to this life-long partnership. You delivered today, as always, right on time, right on schedule in an even better form than I could imagine.

Thank You, thank You so much.

All my love,


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