Sunday, December 20, 2009

Be a Warrior for Love

by Karma Neff & Mastin Kipp (for The Ray Magazine)
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Karma -
Ladies, be real; we want love. We want to be admired, and we want to be taken care of. We want to be cherished and to be loved gently. But so many of us have made ourselves ice cold, building walls that span lifetimes, making it near impossible for us to receive that which we say we want. We must let love in. In order to let love in we must *be* loving, open and receptive. There is no room for resistance in this equation.

Love is all around us. Many times it just takes looking at your world in a different way. Engage your day with presence. Take each moment in fully, while holding in your mind what it is you want to create. If you want a loving experience, practice being soft and loving throughout the day. This state of being will look different with each person you encounter, but is part of the beauty in how others mirror us. How what we both feel inside reflects back at us.

To say we want love and to be open to receiving it can be two different things. When we do not receive the love we want it is almost always that we are unconsciously preventing love from entering. At some point we were likely hurt by another and have vowed to protect ourselves and our heart from future pain. Ironically this “protection” only causes us further pain and suffering. We fear that we will be hurt. When we operate from this feeling we bring exactly that which we are afraid of. We get what you think about, whether we want it or not.

Mastin -
This is why, in Love, as it is in Life, we must be Warriors. A true Warrior does not fear death, in fact, what makes a Warrior great is accepting her own death knowing that it is inevitable. When we can live this life in acceptance of death, we open to a larger and more sensual world. We start to give without expectation of return, we do not hold on so tightly to life, instead we live moment to moment, giving our all. A Love Warrior knows of death, and so she does not fear it.

A Warrior lives for the journey. A Warrior trains everyday, endures setbacks, perseveres, and is ready for battle at a moments notice. A Love Warrior’s only battle is with her own fears. Once she conquers these fears, she can rightfully have the elixir of Love. But she must die first, die to her Fears.

And when she dies to her fears, she becomes a powerful being, one worthy of Love. Love, by definition requires risk, if we are consumed by the fear of losing what we love, or our hearts breaking, then we miss out on Love. But, if we walk, in spite of the inevitability of death, we are born to eternal Love.

Copyright 2009 Karma Neff & Mastin Kipp


Mz. Fortune said...

Bravo!!! I love this piece! I am certainly looking @ life and live in a different way because of it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece. There's lots in here I can truly relate... my heart is held together by superglue and staples atm... and in trying to protect it (by not letting anyone in) I won't actually heal it properly.

From an aspiring Warrior For Love x