Friday, December 4, 2009

When I look at You

I wonder
What do you see
When you look at me?
Is it anything like
When I look at you?
Your flesh is impressive
I gotta say, but there’s
Even more than that, it’s true
Your eyes, they tell a story
Of a long and winding road
Of broken hearts
And open dreams
And carrying a heavy load
I see depth and confusion
A bitter sweet fusion
Of tremendous beauty
When you smile I feel
A million things
Your Heart help sets me free
Your skin is an ocean
I’d love to surf
And feel it’s many waves
Dive in, hang on, get wet indeed
And on purpose not behave
I see Love & Pain
Holding each other now
A Heart dying to be open more
I see a woman coming of age
But still a little girl at her core
You have ageless beauty and timeless wisdom
That you are finally learning how to trust
If you begin within, pretty soon you’ll win
And leave your fears lingering in the dust
When I look at you
I see a reflection of me, and how sweet it is my dear
This vulnerable opening
Is where fearless love appears
And with a love like that, there are no things
That cannot be done
When I look at you, I see myself
This is how two finally become one

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp


CB said...
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ShellSpann said...

I love this!! Beautiful!

Thanks for sharing :)


hayu said...

like thisss...
so sweet and beautiful!!! ♥

valentine said...

so this post...