Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Everlasting Love

The way I feel when I look at you
Can you only be described as
A million billion words could be used to describe Perfection
A home that never changes, never leaves
Amidst any circumstance
With this bond, all things can be done
With this fertile Love, we can never go wrong
You naturally, effortlessly inspire
Such beautiful words
A painters brush could paint for a thousands years with every color
And still not fully paint the truth of your beauty
I surrender to You, my Muse
All my fears, and meet you face to face
In a sweet embrace of Love & Desire
A passionate fulfillment
We are not two halfs, making one
No, we are two full beings who make one
Master being
Whose Love can conquer all things
Break through all blocks
Inspire even the coldest Heart
To open and come out to play
The sweetness of your Lips, supple like
The morning dew
Warm like the baker’s fire
And soft like a cloud wrapped in silk
You are a perfect being, my match
My ever lasting Love

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp