Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Face of Love

Love's confusion
Is a bittersweet ride
A path that leads to
The unknown’s surprise
I've given up
Trying to figure out why
And surrendered to the fact
That I'm just along for the ride

Cuz there's no way to know
What love has in store
There's no way of guessing
What's behind loves closed door

The only thing
That can be known
Is that the path of love
Will lead you to everything
That you're supposed to be shown

So I let go
And let love guide the way
And laugh at thinking
That I could of
Ever controlled love anyway

Love has many faces
That will smile and frown
Each one of them is a messenger
To a truth once lost
That now you have found

So don't fret and don't worry
Cuz you'll never be left alone
Follow loves urges and
You'll surely find that
Place called home

Where you give and allow in
All of loves blessings
Cuz you finally believe
That all the love that you give
Ten fold you will receive

The face of love may change
But the soul of love stays true
Have faith in what's showing up
And remember everything you seek
Is really inside you

© Mastin Kipp

1 comment:

Marissa said...

All of your work is fantastic. and soothes the soul..

xoxo- Marissa