Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Freedom is the natural state of our Universe. And, paradoxically, everything happening around us is happening in accordance with the natural Laws of the Universe. A bird flies by combining the law of Gravity, the law of Lift and the Law of Intention. A seed grows by combining the law of Germination with the unique potential of the seed.

In between our natural state of freedom and actually being free is the great champion or destroyer of destiny: choice.

Like the bird that takes flight, or the seed that grows into it’s highest potential we have the power of choice to abide by the natural Laws of the Universe (and set our selves free to embrace our highest potential), or do buy into the weakening false beliefs of fear and scarcity.

We come into this world knowing that life is a joyful, abundant, loving and kind experience. But what we learn through the life experience of others is that this is not the case.

Many, many who have come because us have experienced the lie of fear, bought into fear thoughts and as a result manifested a life of fear (which is the opposite of joy).

It’s commonly known across all wisdom teachings that thought precedes form. We have also been given the gift of intuition or “knowing” what our assignment here at Earth School is. But because we, as a race, have let the low vibrational thoughts of fear dominate our worldwide culture, many of us turn away from our true nature and our soul’s calling.

Freedom comes when we understand and combine the Law of Thought (thought precedes form), the Law of Intuition (your higher power speaks to you through intuition) and the Law of Intention (the organizing power of your thoughts) and the Law of Faith (that faith can move mountains) to germinate our highest potential.

It is ironic that to be free, we must submit our personal will to the will of the Universe that speaks to use through intuition. But this is the way of things, everything from the mystical unseen dimension operates in paradox.

Webster’s says being free means you are “not determined by anything beyond [your] own nature or being”. Your nature is love, your nature is creativity, your nature is one of acceptance and compassion, your true nature is larger than your ego. Your being is timeless, eternal and a genius.

To be free, you must not buy into anything other that your own nature or being, and then allow the Laws of the Universe to generate and organize everything that is in your best interest and destroy everything that is not.

True freedom comes from within and is a choice to buy into who you really are. Nobody can give you this freedom but you and nobody can take away this freedom but you. The choice is yours. Choose, but choose wisely, it’s all up to you.




Candy said...

Wow Mastin Kipp!!!!! Wow wow wow...need I say more WOW:)

Anonymous said...

This is simply beautiful. I have been in love with this post for a while and the ideas that you present in it. I am getting "Your being is timeless, eternal, and a genius." tattooed on the back of my left shoulder this Saturday.