Saturday, May 16, 2009

Love is the Answer

Love is the answer
To any questions on your mind
Love is the path
To any treasure you want to find

Love is the key
To any doors you find locked
Love is the reason
To keep your heart unblocked

Ego is the motive
For all our Global fights
For when Love is absent
Darkness replaces the light

Without Love
All things meet certain death
Not having Love
Is like not having breath

We choke on the fights, the wars and the endless brigade Of our judgments, opinions and all problems man made

In the seeking of gold
And more security
Is an Ego that is thinking
There's not enough Love here for me

So it takes and it rapes and it never rests To ensure that no matter what and at all costs That it's fragile broken heart it protects

But the Ego doesn't know
The greatest secret of all
That Love is for free
And builds bridges over Walls

Love only gives
Like the Sun's shining rays
Love transcends Fear
And sets the Ego ablaze

Love starts within
And in a constant choice
To choose Love over
Fear's misguided voice

So let Love in
Be courageous and strong
'Cuz if you Trust in Love
Happiness won't be far along

© 2009 Mastin Kipp

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