Saturday, May 2, 2009

What Once Is Now

What once was broken, is now made whole.
It didn't cost a thing, no need to pay the toll.
Congratulations to the energetic, for living from their soul.
If it wasn't for them, we'd just stay here and get old.

What once was one, is now made into two.
It used to be broken, but has been made new.
Humble thanks for the inspiration, to see the bird's eye view.
Without you, Father, we'd never know what to do.

What once was a burden, is now turned into gold.
Don't worry one bit, no matter what you've been told.
Peace and forgiveness, will break you out of the mold.
To let go of the past, and from now on be bold.

What once was a question, is not a solution.
What starts as a problem, turns into revolution.
By the young and the wise, to promote evolution.
Always pushing us forward, to find resolution.

What once was hidden, is now brought into the light.
It's not as scary, as you think that it might.
Newfound recognition for, this new day's night.
We'll fall asleep knowing, that everything's all right.

© 2004 Mastin Kipp

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