Saturday, April 25, 2009

Self Reliance isn't Mainstream... yet.

We are all born with a special creative gift to give to this world. This is not taught to you by mainstream belief systems because we still mostly operate from Tribal Consciousness.

We have been conditioned to believe in scarcity because over the course of human history we have constantly battled for the control of resources. This impulse comes from the fear of believing that there is not enough to go around and that "we" are separate from "them". This way of thinking is what is responsible for the current "recession", which is only our collective perception of lack.

The truth is that there is no lack, we only lack confidence to believe in abundance because we are afraid there is not enough to go around because that is what we are being told. So we buy into it, thus perpetuating the problem.

What hasn't broken through into mainstream belief just yet is that there is more than enough to go around and that the perfection of human evolution is personal creative freedom for everyone. So on the path to this space, everything that does not support the creative spirit is falling away. Your job is to remember and act upon your creative impulses.

Whether you know it or not your Spirit and the Universe wants you to be free from the chains that bind you. You will never find this in a day job, relationship, drugs, alcohol, religion or spiritual practice. All of those things can point you towards your happiness, but true happiness comes from the creative expression of your Spirit.

You have to have courage to be able to trust what you know to be true because it's not popular or safe to be self reliant."

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