Sunday, April 5, 2009


Love allows
Love obeys
Love forgives
Love stays

Love endures
Love see's through
All your fears
To the real you

Love stands true
Love stays firm
Love's forever
It's cheek it turns

Love holds no grudge's
Love fights no wars
Love has no boundries
Love is what you're looking for

Love's not a game
But a patience hand
Love begins
Where division ends

Love has no future
It has no past
Love's forever
And wears no mask

Love faces your fears
Love stays the course
Love doesn't run away
Or rules by force

Love allows
Love observes
Love casts no judgement
And never has the last word

Love is flowing
And eternal still
Love says yes!
To no's cold chill

Love does nothing
But leaves nothing undone
When your fear fades away
Love is what you'll become

So let love in
In all it's disguises
You never know what pleasures lay
In all of love's surprises!

Love has no ego
No point to prove
And the best part about love
Is that it's always within yourself
So, love, you can never lose

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