Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today we celebrate Earth Day. As we continue to head closer to Unity consciousness we will all become more aware and active towards helping to preserve our environment, and this is good. But the best way for us to save the planet is to save ourselves. Each one of us is a microcosm of the macro Earth and represents our own planet if you will.

Just as the whole of our body is made up of 75-100 trillion cells, so to is the Earth made up of 6.77 billion human beings. The health of each cell either adds or detracts to the overall health of your body. If enough cells grow sick the body will grow sick as well. The same can be said for us and the Earth. Since we have been given the powers of thought, intuition and conscious choice we are the caretakers of this Planet we all share.

Your job is to be as happy and healthy as you can be - your happiness will rub off on others helping them to find happiness thus creating a ripple effect and making our world happier and healthier than it was before. Yes, it's important to take steps to Save the Planet, but the reality is the Planet doesn't need saving. It was here long before we were and it will be here long after us if we mess it all up. What we are truly doing today on this Earth Day is saving ourselves and that great challenge begins in your life in the everyday choices you make to either choose love or fear.

If you want to Save the Planet choose love.

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