Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If you want to fly...

When we are walking on The Path love is always our goal.

Too often we don't want to ruffle feathers or stand up for ourselves because we don't want upset the balance - but what I've learned is that if you aren't willing to stand up for yourself no one else will be either.

To be taught how to stand up for yourself you will be sent many lessons that will call for your courage and self-worth. Embrace them!

If you want to fly, dear seeker, you're going to ruffle some feathers!




Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

your words are half you, half something greater. i'm glad i found your blog.

Aditya Lalit said...

Its really TRUE Mastin , i have seen many example around me ......... people should NEVER LOOSE HOPE ... ITS ONE OF BIGGEST WEAPON WE HAVE . :)