Friday, March 12, 2010

Step into the Unknown!

A lot of people don't have a clearly defined goal and as a result wander through most of their life. It's time to cast off all doubt, think as big as you can, imagine yourself living your best life and set a goal for yourself.

The thought of achieving this goal should make you excited, happy and inspired! Then, decide to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to achieve this goal no matter what resistance you are met with.

The heroes of all time decided to go on a journey that they did not know the outcome of, risked death, faced their worst fear and came out with the prize alive.

The path is known, now it's your turn to walk down towards its unknown end with the faith that you WILL at last achieve your goal!



1 comment:

john said...

That was a good thought ......... BUT don't u think sometimes u r n't able to be , what u want to be ....... BUT IT DOES N'T MATTER ...... a REALLY GOOD thought BECAUSE WE CAN ONLY GIVE OUR BEST ........