Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Push through resistance

It's your right to act upon your thoughts, do what makes you happy and push through resistance. Fear can overcome you, indeed. But not today, not because they said you couldn't, not because you might fail - NO - but because your happiness demands it of you! This is your time to live, to create, to be something greater than your fear. This is your time to come alive, because you must!




SpiritualNurse said...

Really enjoying your blog Mastin. I'm a gung-ho subscriber of TheDailyLove. LOVE IT!!

Hey I noticed you have a link to Vipassana Meditation. Was just curious if you'd done a 10 day retreat?

Sandy, @SpiritualNurse on Twitter

Suzie Sateri said...

Yea!!! Love the energy!

Anonymous said...

How to overcome your fears?