Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remember Love

Remember Love in all things that you do. Deep down behind every action you take is the desire to feel happy, inspired and whole. Fear and the feeling of separation give us the false belief that lashing out, giving in to addiction or one upping someone else is the way to "get ahead" or "get back at them".


Hold a space in your heart for everything that isn't as you would like it to be, let go of needing the approval or presence of anyone
or anything to define you.

Take your power back by knowing you are One with the Whole and that as you let go of unhealthy situations you will be welcoming in new happiness and prosperity. Take the high road, hold your tongue and focus on what YOU can do. The days of out sourcing your power are over. You are in control.



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LJ said...

you are inspiring! so enjoy your blog, and The Daily Love on twitter. thank you for your insights, and please know how impactful you are in brightening days.