Sunday, October 4, 2009

Agents of Light

Your insecurity serves no one
Not you, your neighbor, enemy or friend
It's the fears of our doubts
That tell us we mustn't and we shouldn't
And we can't
We've believed for so long in the lie of fear
That we shutter at a single positive thought
As if it were an impossible feat
We'll my friend, we were born to
Do the impossible
We are agents of light sent into
Being, so that we can shine and illuminate the darkness
That surrounds us
We are giants pretending to be shadows
Afraid of our own light
Now we must stand tall
Embrace the struggle
And find joy in the sorrow's of the world
For this is our calling
When we ourselves feel great
That is greatness
We are here to shine
Come, my friend
Out of the darkness, out of your small standing
Rise, stand tall, and embrace who you really are
Angels are at your back, the whole Uni-verse
Will support your greatness
If only
You will

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp


Hillary said...

I JUST PLAIN LOVE YOU!!!... Your brilliance; your wisdom, your shining-big-beautiful-bright-light! THANK YOU for 'standing tall.' Your words are more than mere poetry... You my friend, are an uplifter, teacher, mentor, amongst many other things, I suspect...
Hillary K. Maley~ Aspen, Colorado.

Mastin Kipp said...

thank you Hillary!!! :)