Friday, October 16, 2009

If You Seek My Light

If you seek My light
At first sight I may blind you
If you stand in My light
It will cast a dark shadow
And there all your fears
And insecurities will hide
For they love the darkness
Eventually, after enough seeking
You will see, it is not really My light
That you seek
But your own
And this Light has another name
And when you begin to shine
That is when your shadow will disappear
But your fears will try to keep your Light dim
Don't let them
Shine, shine, shine
Shine on in the face of your fear
And soon enough
What once kept you afraid
Will disappear, and all that's left will be
Our Light

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp


Suzie said...

your poetry is deeply touching. thank you for sharing this beauty from the soul and lighting up the darkness of the materially focused world.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Wow! This piece speaks to me on so many levels.