Friday, October 16, 2009

Today, I Must Plan

Sweet, sweet muse
Thank you for your inspiration
Thank you for your vision of bliss
I know now that all you ask of me
All that you show me can be done
Must be done
I know now that I must act on your prompting
But how?
Where to?
A ha! A plan is needed
I will map out all that you have shown me
From the end all the way back to the beginning
And like a faithful servant
I will follow each step and make adjustments as needed
I know that your delays are not your denials, oh muse
I know that you are showing me the way to my
Eternal Everything, my everlasting bliss
Yesterday I was inspired
Today, I must plan
So tomorrow
I can act

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp

1 comment:

Stella said...

I enjoyed this poem. I hope you don't mind, but I would like give this poem to my mentor students that I work with motivating.

Again, very enlightening!